Capabilities Statement

Global Empowerment Institute Corp helps organizations develop leadership skills as a means of achieving higher performance and results. Our approach stems from the impact that thinking, emotions, perceptions, and attitudes can have on reaching one’s true potential. We represent Best Practices in areas of leadership not adequately covered by academia and off-the-shelf training programs. This is based on decades of experience-based and research-validated knowledge with our clients worldwide.

One of our main services is providing year-long leadership development coaching for mid-ranked and senior leaders. We also deliver powerful keynote speeches and workshops that lead to documented personal transformation and organizational improvements.

Our clients have documented improvements ranging from staff engagement and people skills to leadership competency, productivity, cost savings, revenue generation and more.

Global Empowerment Institute Corp works with clients from North and South America to Europe and Asia. Our company also distributes various types of media that supplement our workshops, and speeches.

Also, we have conducted charity work in many areas. As examples, we have provided free workshops for local prisons, sheriff’s departments, and high schools. During the past 17 years, we’ve funded scholarships for high school students in an economically disadvantaged area.

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Core Competencies:

  • Leadership coaching (small group and one-on-one) for senior staff
  • Personal empowerment workshops that build skills and performance across different levels of the organization, for all levels of staff
  • Stirring, audience-grabbing keynote speeches that ignite a passion for excellence and generate practical behavioral changes
  • Building competencies in areas not covered by academia or human resources programs.—examples: people skills, emotional intelligence, decision making and more

Alvin also conducts sessions entirely in Spanish or English. He also works simultaneously in Spanish and English for mixed audiences. He has done such work for Colgate, Pepsi, Bimbo, Nestle and other clients in Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico and other Latin American cultures.